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See it, Believe it!

Beneficial Effects for Healthy Animals

A good bedding for animals should absorb urine and excess of water from the feces to keep the animal dry and comfortable. It must be readily available, unpalatable, affordable, easy to handle, easy to clean-up and dispose of, dust and allergen free, fertility value of the resulting manure as for example, wood products (especially pine) will break down much slower than straw or coir and many cause nutrients to be released more slowly from the manure.



See it, Believe it 

COCOMFORT™, 100% Organic and all-natural mature brown coir fiber extracted from the husk of the coconut.  The special proprietary technique creates a soft, spongy fiber with an extraordinary absorption capacity. Is the only bedding material that minimizes unpleasant urine odor by decreasing the formation of ammonia and toxic suphur compounds.  Health of respiratory tract and hooves is protected.


The significantly reduced need for top-dressing and the decreased daily work load makes COCOMFORT™ a cost-efficient alternative to wood shavings, straw and peat moss among others.


Offers you and your horse, farm animal or your favorite pet or exotic animal an excellent bedding material with less labor and less waste.


Recycle when you’re done into your garden

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