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Problems?  What Problems?

There are problems in your stall directly related to the health and wellness of your animal and the traditional bedding product your are using.


  •   Is your bedding a good absorbent?

  • You can't stand the nasty ammonia odor in your horse stall? Wet bedding reeks of ammonia, which induces more effects than an obnoxious smell. This gas can impact your horse’s health!

  •  Too many flies hanging around the stall?

  •  You want to raise your animal in a healthy environment?

  • The growth of molds in straw, Penicillium, the main fungus in peat materials or dust or other unsanitary conditions in wood-base bedding is causing chronic pulmonary diseases both to your staff and horses?

  • Risk of splinters or possible injury due to sharp edges with wood chips and straw?

  • High Labor and high replacement costs due the difficulty in separating the manure from the bedding and frequency that the horse will eat a percentage of the bedding if it is straw ?

  • How much time and money do you spend for cleaning and bedding in a month?  It doesn't matter how much you pay for one bag of your present bedding (pine pellets, shavings, peat moss...) but make the calculation for a month and make a decision also based on the wellness of your animal.

  • The kids around the stable are allergic to straw or dust from wood-products?

  • Are you cost effective, environmentally friendly and taking in consideration of the protection of our forest?


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Note : référence rapide aux mots utilisés sur le site de COCOMFORT®

« Animaux »:

• Équins : diverses races de chevaux, d’ânes, de mules, de baudets, etc. •Animaux de la ferme: volaille, bétail, veaux de boucherie, cochons, etc.

• Animaux de compagnie : chats, lapins, hamsters, oiseaux, etc.

• Exotiques : grenouilles, salamandres, animaux fouisseurs, insectes, araignées, etc.

« Stalle » : Abri d’un animal, comme un enclos, un box, une cage, une boîte de carton, un hangar ouvert, un terrarium, etc.

COCOMFORT® ™ une division de Groupe Monarch International, a division of 4179412 CANADA INC../ Grupo Monarca Internacional S.A. de C.V. , COCOMFORT® ™ ne doit pas être en droit de accessoire et les dommages indirects ou tout autre dommage, en raison de l'utilisation de ce produit. Tenir hors de portée des enfants. L'acheteur ou l'utilisateur assume, sans limitation, tout risque de toute perte ou dommages indirects découlant de ce produit. Grupo Monarca Internacional S.A. de C.V./ Groupe Monarch International Inc, à son gré remplacera ou remboursera le prix d'achat de nos produits, si elle est jugée défectueuse en matériau, de fabrication ou de la qualité.​

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•Quick Reference of words used throughout COCOMFORT ® website

Equine: various breeds of Horses, Donkeys, Mules, Asses...

•Farm Animals: Poultry, Cattle, Veal Calves, Pig...

•Pets: Cats, Rabbits, Hamsters, Birds...

•Exotic: Frogs, salamanders, burrowing or digging animals, insects, spiders...

•"Stall": The shelter of the Animal, such as box stall, cages, carton boxes, open sheds, terrarium...

COCOMFORT® ™ A Division of Group Monarch International, a division of 4179412 CANADA INC./ Grupo Monarca Internacional S.A. de C.V. , COCOMFORT ® ™ shall not be entitled to incidental and consequential damages or any other damages, due to the use of this product.  Keep out of reach of children. The purchaser or user assumes, without limitation, all risk for any loss or consequential damage arising out of this product. Grupo Monarca Internacional S.A. de C.V./ Group Monarch International Inc, at its option will replace or refund the purchase price of our products, if found to be defective in material, workmanship, or quality.