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Bedding for horses should absorb urine and excess water from the feces to keep the horse dry and comfortable. (Table 1,2)


  • Coir is by far the most absorbent material, absorbing 3.3 L per kilogram of material or 327% of its weight.  


  • A 21 lb (9.6 Kg) bag of coir can be expected to absorb 32 Liters of urine


Lets put data into perspective: (Table 3)

  • Straw bale of 31.7 Lbs (14.4 kg) will absorb approximately 36 liters of urine.

  •  Many horses will eat a proportion of their straw so extra straw may need to be added to the stall

  •  A pound of wood shaving can only absorb close to 2 L of urine so you need to add more than one bale a day of    wood shavings of 15 Lbs (6.8 kg) ~2 Cu.Ft to absorb the 20 L of urine that a horse approximately do per day.

  •  You will need a minimum of 20 lbs of saw dust each day to absorb the urine from one horse.


Extraordinary Absorption Capacity

Absorbs 9 Times its weight

Water-Holding Capacities

Poor Absorption-Traditional Bedding

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3


"Evaluating Performance of Several Horse Beddings"


Wheat straw, pine shavings, peat moss, and coir (product make from coconut hulls)


"Coir was by far the most absorbent material, absorbing 3.3 L per kilogram of material or 327% of its weight."


By Sarah Molnar, University of Guelph, Ontario and Dr. Bob Wright, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs, Fergus, Ontario, Canada




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