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How do I order COCOMFORT

You can call us by phone, fill out the contact form for us to call you back or you can send us an email to:


You want to become a distributor? We are looking for you!

- Do you own a ranch, farm, stable and have the following?

- Forklift, skid steer or tractor with pallet forks and capable of lifting 1900 lb (850 kgs)

- Do you believed on the welfare of animal and you want to protect our forest and do something for our environment

- A registered and active GST license or equivalent TAX id.


Why should we choose COCOMFORT bedding?

The benefits are abundant for all animals. It is a homogenous material,  composed of millions of capillary micro-sponges, which provide a cushiony comfortable bed, locking in moisture and odors while keeping animal in a good health conditions.  Constant supply of quality sustainable bedding material available all year. It reduces the costs and waste of product, while getting more volume per a bale compared to other bedding materials. This bedding is recommended by vets and farriers . The natural darker color is widely believed to be preferred by all kind of animals in comparison to the bright color of wood shavings. 



As a growing medium and an bedding absorbent, coconut coir is a superior alternative to peat moss and wood products.  What’s is more incredible is that it’s a completely sustainable and 100% natural product.  No need to cut trees or damage our forests during the harvesting process. One coconut tree can produce up to 75 coconuts per year requiring no chemical fertilizers for growth and can live to between 70 to 100 years old. COCOMFORT gives animals a natural product with natural scents and colors.


Why are some bales heavier that others?

This has to do with the amount of product in the bag. Moisture content also is an important factor.  The product is measure by expanded volume. It has being pack with slight moisture content for optimal performance.


How to dispose of used COCOMFORT?

After use, COCOMFORT is great compost.  You can store it in a muck heap and leave to compost. The end product of this process can then be spread on land and gardens as a natural soil conditioner, locking in nutrients within the millions of capillary micro-sponges which are slowly release over time. The natural addition of nitrogen from your animal's waste provides the best fertilizer for your plants. You can put it on the top of your compost pile to speed up the composting process. For better water retention spread a thin layer over your garden and will also naturally deter weeds with the benefit of Organic product.

For pet owners, you can disposed the used product  in council green waste bins for composting, you can spread it on your grass or flowers, or it can be disposed of with recyclable and organic materials or in general waste bins as it will simply break down if sent to landfill.  COCOMFORT packaging is recyclable where facilities exit.


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