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Our superior insulating properties provide greater warmth in the winter and a cooler environment in the hot summer months.


The dustiness of the bedding will impact on the horse. Dusty bedding can contribute to chronic pulmonary diseases  such as “heaves”, a respiratory condition in horses and it can also negatively affect the health of barn staff. With COCOMFORT we create a formula that best fits your needs since it is free from fine dust particles.

Like humans, horses prefer to dwell in comfort. It is after all, the horse that will be using the bedding, and if you wouldn’t sleep there, you shouldn’t expect your horse to.


The soft, spongy properties of COCOMFORT acts as a mattress and encourages the stalled horse to lie down and relieve the constant pressure of his bodyweight on his legs and feet. In addition to these health considerations, COCOMFORT does not stick to hair and is more comfortable than straw or wood-based bedding.


The effect of straw, sawdust, coconut husk, and coconut fiber bedding material on the welfare of stable horses has been studied and it was concluded that Coconut Bedding material is better than straw or sawdust (*). This is particularly true for lateral lying which is said to be related to sleeping, a positive indicator of welfare in stable horses.-


(*)       “Equine Research Institute, Japan Racing Association, Tokyo University of Agriculture, and Faculty of Agriculture Utsumomiya University, Japon”

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